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1.Establishment of a Company

 ● Establishment of a Company in Israel
   Foreign company, branch, representative office, regional office
 ● Apply for license and permit in Japa
 ● Preparation and change of articles of incorporation
 ● Procedures for Capital Increase, Capital Reduction, Address Change,    
   Shareholder Change
 ● Liquidation Procedure in Japan

2.M & A

 ● Legal due diligence
 ● Company survey of target companies
 ● Introduction of target company
 ● Preparation of Stock transfer agreement, Stock acceptance receipt, Business    ● Transfer Agreement
 ● Notification to necessary administrative agencies accompanying M & A

3.Intellectual Property

 ● Consultation on intellectual property in Japan
 ● Research on intellectual property in Japan
 ● Drafting, providing the format and submitting required documents for application for
    trademark, design and patent registration in Japan
 ● Dispute resolution and negotiation regarding intellectual property in Japan

4.Legal Services

 ● Research on Israel Legislation and regulation
   Research on restrictions on foreign investment and license or   
   permission of different business sector, Confirmation of legality on investment scheme
 ● Drafting any kind of contract
 ● Labor management advice including making of work rules
 ● Dispute resolution
 ● Consultation on any kind of legal subject
 ● ODA,Research on government and public agencies, etc.


 ● Apply for WRT license
 ● Apply for Business license
 ● Apply for various types of license and permit
 ● Apply for Corporate tax payer number, EPF, SOCSO number, GST license


  ● Translation
    Hebrew,English to Japanese
    Japanese to English,Hebrew    
    Translation by translator acquainted with law
    Service fee depends on the volume and delivery date